Saturday, April 19, 2008

Engagement Pictures

Many couples first consider engagement pictures without having any notion of how to go about it or how to use them, but engagement photo ideas can be traditional, contemporary, or quirky. The key is to find the idea that best illustrates your relationship as a newly engaged couple.

One thing to consider is LOCATION. I like taking the couple downtown and taking pictures by the old buildings. He is also going to bring us into a coffee shop and take a picture of us like sitting at a table looking at each other. It sounds cute. Outside pictures are great too. Like by a lake, by some trees, find an old barn maybe.
Another concern is WHAT TO WEAR... or in some people's case: what NOT to wear! Its generally best not to wear stripes or anything weird but stick to wearing solid colors. My best suggestion is to dress like yourself. I.E. if you wouldn't normally wear a dress, don't do it for the pictures. You want to look nice but still reflect yourself.
Make it PERSONAL. If the couple is getting married at an interesting looking church, you could take a casual photo of them there. Or a photo of them at the exact place where the proposal took place. Maybe a photo of the couple looking at rings at the jewelery store where they purchased the ring. Some couples may want to include pets or hobbies. Of course, the couple may want a photo for the newspaper announcement, so look through various newspapers and see what type of shots look the best.
Consider going DIGITAL. There are many digital effects that can be added to pictures to enhance their beauty. Slideshows with pictures of the couple growing up and pictures of them during their relationship together have become very popular at both weddings and receptions. Also invitations or programs with a carefully chosen engagement picture can be a lovely introduction of the guests to the couple.
There are many more engagement picture ideas and suggestions available online to assist you in planning your own engagement photo session.

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