Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Labor of Love


Few portraits can touch the heart as deeply as an infancy portrait created during the baby’s first few weeks. The wrinkles, and tiny precious parts will be forever changing, capture them before they change. This is such a special time in your lives and it goes by so fast. We want to help you to remember the anticipation, the newness, and the joy that your little one brings to your life.

Labor of Love

An expectant mother usually likes to document her pregnancy with maternity portraits. A portrait can be paintings of women or photos taken in a studio. There is a fascination with pregnancy and the changes it brings to the body of a mother.

There are a number of photography studios that focus on pregnancy portraits. Taking a portrait of an expectant mother has become very popular. A pregnancy portrait is not just a souvenir for the baby, but also a way to adapt to your new body image.

Below are a few tips for taking pictures during your pregnancy.

Tip no. 1: During pregnancy, women are not sure what to wear to a maternity photo shoot. Wardrobe should be kept simple to show off the pregnancy. You don’t need to buy an expensive maternity gown.

Tip no. 2: Pregnancy takes the most part of a year, and an expectant mother may want to wait until the third trimester before planning for a maternity portrait. If you take the pictures too soon, it might not get the results you want. The best time to take a maternity portrait is at the end of your term, the seventh or eighth month. A big belly is part of the beauty of a pregnancy.

Tip no. 3: A maternity portrait can be in black and white, color or sepia tones. Choosing color or black-and-white film for a maternity portrait is a matter of preference so choose what you like best.

Tip no. 4: Posing for maternity photos means getting your best side. All photos are usually taken from the side. Photos are usually taken of the mother standing up because the position needs to show the stomach fully. However, other poses can also be done.

Written by: Katrina Marion

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