Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hints & Tips for a Successful Family Photo Session

Helpful Hints For Your Family Portrait Session

~ Keep it Simple! - Solid colors or simple patterns are best. If bringing multiple outfits try to bring a variety of colors, so there is a good contrast from outfit to outfit. *Don't forget to coordinate the same color in outfits for the whole family to keep photos cohesive.

~ For kiddos: Feel free to bring a couple of outfits. Don't forget the basics: socks, shoes, simple accessories, etc. If possible make it clothes that the child likes and is comfortable in. If a kid is comfortable then they are far more likely to cooperate and be happy for pictures!

~ Maternity - a stretchy or button down shirt is good for easily exposing your belly for a few photos. Wear something comfortable and figure flattering to show off your growing belly. Black and white are great colors for maternity pictures - they help draw the attention to your blossoming belly!

~ Favorites ~ A great way to personalize your photo session is to include your sports, hobby, favorite toy or baby blanket, your pet or collectibles or family heirlooms, etc.

~ Just In Case - Its helpful to have a brush/comb, chap stick, makeup, or even spare outfits if you are dealing with babies/toddlers, etc for touch ups during the session.

~ Treats - If you think it would be helpful, bring snacks, treats to help encourage smiles, etc from your children (or husband!).

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Micah 3mos Pix

Here are a few pix from a photo shoot of my friend's baby boy. He is a chunk! Now that he's gotten a little older I can see more of his big sister in him. Their both cutie pies!