Saturday, April 26, 2008

About Unforgettable Photography

Welcome to Unforgettable Photography:

Phone: (317) 902-4497
Email: wanibug (at) yahoo (dot) com

I am Lawana Penrod, I am the sole photographer, so you will know who will actually be creating your portraits. Your portraits will be of the same quality as the samples you see.

I love what I do, and I have a desire to create something original, that will be very special to you, so you get better photographs that have more sparkle and show more of your personality and life. While I do not have a lot of fancy equipment, I make every effort to create affordable portraits that you will love and treasure for years to come.

What to expect from your photo session:

Location ~ Unforgettable Photography is located on the west side of Indianapolis, Indiana. I am willing to travel within the Indianapolis area and surrounding cities to create your portraits somewhere special to you (travel fee may apply). I want the setting to be some place that expresses your uniqueness: your home, yard, favorite fishing hole, favorite park, etc., somewhere you feel comfortable, not stiff and out-of-place. You won't have the same background as everyone else; instead your background will show YOUR personality. I also have a selection of backdrops for more traditional indoor sessions.

Props ~ I encourage you to have things in your portraits that portray your personality (sports gear/trophies, hobby, pets, musical instruments, or collectables), so they show who you are, not just what you look like. If it is something that will tell a story about your life, it should be considered and probably used for your portrait. Having YOUR props in your portraits will help your portraits show your personality or heritage, keep them from looking like everyone else's, and give them emotional impact.

Time ~ I take time to plan your portrait session with you, so you get exactly what you are looking for. I like to take the time to get acquainted with whoever will be in the portrait before the session and find out what makes him or her happy. I am willing to spend the time with you, before and during your session that is necessary to obtain natural expressions and natural poses for all of your photographic needs. You don't have to wait in line. You always have an appointment so you can be individually helped. This eliminates frustration and doesn't waste your time. With young children, your portrait session can be scheduled for a time when they are their happiest.

Options ~ You get to see your portraits BEFORE they are printed. That way you get the ones YOU like. You may purchase your portraits individually or in packages. There is no minimum or maximum purchase. You may buy as many or as few as you want. You never have to have extra photographs or poses you don't want.

We also offer digital negatives of selected photos on CD. If you choose this option you are given permission to duplicate/print as many photos from the CD, you never have to come back to me for additional prints.

Also available for all portrait sessions at Unforgettable Photography are black and white, color wash and sepia tones. We can also do some minor touch ups and special editing, including adding names and/or phrases to your pictures.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Engagement Pictures

Many couples first consider engagement pictures without having any notion of how to go about it or how to use them, but engagement photo ideas can be traditional, contemporary, or quirky. The key is to find the idea that best illustrates your relationship as a newly engaged couple.

One thing to consider is LOCATION. I like taking the couple downtown and taking pictures by the old buildings. He is also going to bring us into a coffee shop and take a picture of us like sitting at a table looking at each other. It sounds cute. Outside pictures are great too. Like by a lake, by some trees, find an old barn maybe.
Another concern is WHAT TO WEAR... or in some people's case: what NOT to wear! Its generally best not to wear stripes or anything weird but stick to wearing solid colors. My best suggestion is to dress like yourself. I.E. if you wouldn't normally wear a dress, don't do it for the pictures. You want to look nice but still reflect yourself.
Make it PERSONAL. If the couple is getting married at an interesting looking church, you could take a casual photo of them there. Or a photo of them at the exact place where the proposal took place. Maybe a photo of the couple looking at rings at the jewelery store where they purchased the ring. Some couples may want to include pets or hobbies. Of course, the couple may want a photo for the newspaper announcement, so look through various newspapers and see what type of shots look the best.
Consider going DIGITAL. There are many digital effects that can be added to pictures to enhance their beauty. Slideshows with pictures of the couple growing up and pictures of them during their relationship together have become very popular at both weddings and receptions. Also invitations or programs with a carefully chosen engagement picture can be a lovely introduction of the guests to the couple.
There are many more engagement picture ideas and suggestions available online to assist you in planning your own engagement photo session.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring is Here!

I'm so glad to see spring finally making an appearance! It seems like winter always hangs on little longer than we'd like it to every year!
Well, I've kind of let photography sit on the back burner the past year since I had my second son last spring. But he's getting to be a big boy and I'm itching for some photography opportunities! I've already got a wedding scheduled in July and a few senior portraits in the works (including my cousin and sister!). So, hopefully spring weather will bring me some jobs along with the sunshine!
Here is a collage a made of the Burns Clan. What a beautiful family! At times the grown men were harder to arrange than the kids were!

Senior Pictures

Helpful Hints For Your Senior Portrait Session

~ Bring several outfits. Don't forget socks, shoes, simple accessories, etc.
~ Solid colors or simple patterns are best. Bring a variety of colors.
~ Memorabilia ~ Please include your sports, hobby, pet or collectables, etc.
~ Guys should have their hair cut about 1 week before photo session.
~ Please limit yourself to bringing only one person with you to your session.

Labor of Love


Few portraits can touch the heart as deeply as an infancy portrait created during the baby’s first few weeks. The wrinkles, and tiny precious parts will be forever changing, capture them before they change. This is such a special time in your lives and it goes by so fast. We want to help you to remember the anticipation, the newness, and the joy that your little one brings to your life.

Labor of Love

An expectant mother usually likes to document her pregnancy with maternity portraits. A portrait can be paintings of women or photos taken in a studio. There is a fascination with pregnancy and the changes it brings to the body of a mother.

There are a number of photography studios that focus on pregnancy portraits. Taking a portrait of an expectant mother has become very popular. A pregnancy portrait is not just a souvenir for the baby, but also a way to adapt to your new body image.

Below are a few tips for taking pictures during your pregnancy.

Tip no. 1: During pregnancy, women are not sure what to wear to a maternity photo shoot. Wardrobe should be kept simple to show off the pregnancy. You don’t need to buy an expensive maternity gown.

Tip no. 2: Pregnancy takes the most part of a year, and an expectant mother may want to wait until the third trimester before planning for a maternity portrait. If you take the pictures too soon, it might not get the results you want. The best time to take a maternity portrait is at the end of your term, the seventh or eighth month. A big belly is part of the beauty of a pregnancy.

Tip no. 3: A maternity portrait can be in black and white, color or sepia tones. Choosing color or black-and-white film for a maternity portrait is a matter of preference so choose what you like best.

Tip no. 4: Posing for maternity photos means getting your best side. All photos are usually taken from the side. Photos are usually taken of the mother standing up because the position needs to show the stomach fully. However, other poses can also be done.

Written by: Katrina Marion

Wedding Pictures

Our wedding packages are flexible and we can custom build a package for you to meet your needs at a reasonable price. All packages include a detailed pre-wedding planning session with me so we can be sure to capture the most special moments and events throughout your wedding day. We use digital format so your digital proofs will be ready for you to view within a few short weeks.

Wedding Packages

Basic ~ 1 hour before ceremony, ceremony & 1 hour after ceremony.

Standard ~ 2 hour before ceremony, ceremony & 2 hour after ceremony.

Deluxe ~ 2 hour before ceremony, ceremony & 3 hour after ceremony.

Ultimate ~ All day coverage.

Custom ~ We can create a package to meet your needs and budget.

** An Engagement Session can be added on to any wedding package for a fee.

* All of our wedding packages include a CD with all digital images from your special event and an album OR folio with select photos.

~ Prices based on weddings in the Indianapolis area. Any other location may require a travel fee.

Children Pictures

We realize that children are not easy to convince when it comes to sitting still long enough for a single picture much less a whole session. I love kids and will allow time for them to get comfortable with me before we start taking pictures. We try to create a relaxed environment for your children so the pictures will show their true personalities.

Family Pictures

We know that family groups are not easy to get together for a portrait session. We want your picture experience to be as suited to your family's personality as possible. We will come to your location of choice (travel fee may apply) and allow time for everyone to get comfortable before we start taking pictures.

Unforgettable Prices

Comparing Prices
It's not what you PAY for your portraits that matters; it is what you GET for what you pay that is value.
The "quality" in a portrait is determined by many factors: your expression and how your personality is portrayed, how special the location is, how suitable the clothing is, how natural the poses are, and how good your overall experience was enhances its beauty. Even the little things determine the "quality" of a portrait, like: how you were treated by the staff, was it fun, were they open to your input?
So it's easy to see how you could actually end up paying too much for a "cheap" portrait, especially if you don't like it. Don't fall into that trap. Choose the photographer where you get to plan what you want in your portraits. Make your appointment with Unforgettable Photography today!

Unforgettable Photography Package Prices (effective January 2013)


These packages apply to children, family, senior and engagement sessions. The session includes up to six people – there is a $25 for each additional person. Outfit changes are permitted within the designated time. Locations must be within 30min of Avon, Indiana – anything farther than that will be charged a travel fee. Any additional prints are a-la-carte. Custom packages can be created upon request.

Wedding Packages
I do not believe that a couple needs hundreds of pictures to capture the essence of their wedding day.  Just the right ones...  so my wedding packages are modeled after the adage: KISS (Keep It Short & Sweet).  If the packages below are not what you are looking for feel free to message me and we can create a custom package tailored to your needs.

$500.00 ~ Basic ~ 2 hours of photography coverage with 50 edited images on disc
$750.00 ~ Deluxe ~ 4 hours of photography coverage with 100 edited images on disc

Custom ~ We can create a package to meet your needs and budget
* All of our wedding packages include a CD with select digitally enhanced images from your special event and a photobook telling the story of your wedding day.

All photography is by appointment only. Please call or email to schedule your session.

We reserve the right to use any images from your session for display, publication, or advertising in print or electronic media.

*Discounts available for military, ministry, foster and adoptive families.
* We only accept Cash and Check. Checks should be made payable to Lawana Penrod.
* All Prices Subject to Change.