Sunday, March 7, 2010

Guest Photographer ;-)

One thing as a photographer that is hard to do yourself is your own pictures(especially when pregnant!). Yesterday I was blessed to have an old friend take maternity/family pix for us! Its hard to believe that I've known Danielle and her family for 15+ years! She now lives in the Tulsa, OK area with her husband and two boys and is a up & coming photographer there as Danielle Huddleston Photography . Here are a few of my favorite shots!Pregnancy can be a challenging time with all the changes that a woman's body goes through. I don't always feel pretty with a 25lb belly. ;-) But looking at these pix, I really feel pretty and that says alot about Danielle's skills. She was great about trying different angles and lighting to make sure the pictures were flattering. Thank you so much for the awesome pictures, Danielle!!! We love them!!

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Danielle said...

I loved taking them! Thank you!